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Target platform update

I have updated the target platform against which EclipseTrader is compiled. The platform is now Eclipse 3.8.1, the latest release in the 3.x series as of today.

Unfortunately some of the packages used to build the target platform are not available as a single download (the Platform SDK package) so I took the classic Eclipse SDK package and removed the unnecessary plugins (JDT, Team Providers, etc.) to build the target platform package.

A new EclipseTrader release, built from the new target platform and with some bugfixes, is also available from the Downloads page and from the update site.


Project status update

It's been a while since the last post, it is about time to write about the current status and future plans.

First of all, the project is still alive and actively developed.

In the past days I made significant progresses on the ATS (Automated Trading System) development, and released a first cut of the engine. Users can start writing strategies using JavaScript, test against historical data stored in EclipseTrader's database, and analyze the results with a simple report. Due to some issues with the flow of data from feed providers it is not currently possible to use live feeds nor send real trading orders. Some documentation is available from the new Documentation tab on the main navigation bar.

With this code release we are approaching the milestone target, once the issues with live data feeds are fixed, I'll release the first stable milestone.

Future plans includes, other than the implementation of missing features and bug fixes, a major review and cleanup of the code. I would like to reduce the number of plugins in the project, as some have pointed out, there is no need to have all these plugins around and they start to create some nasty issues and redundant code.


Nightly builds available

I'm not fully satisfied with the milestone release, many things are still missing, and many others needs some refactorings and cleanup, so the release is still a bit behind schedule.

I think however that it is about time that you be able to download and use an updated EclipseTrader binary build, so I've started to put nightly builds available for download. These builds comes straight from the svn trunk source and may not be very stable, but should be usable for testing.

Builds are available for Linux GTK (32 and 64 bits), Windows (32bit only) and MacOSX from the Downloads page.


Move to New Domain Completed

Today I have completed the move to the new domain by disabling bug trackers, forums and mailing lists on Sourceforge.

Bug and feature requests tracking are now fully handled by Trac.

Discussions may take place using the mailing lists only. This was choose over the web forums for practical reasons: there is no need to periodically check if there are new messages since all posts are delivered directly to your e-mail, and you can also choose to receive a daily digest instead of all single mails.

All users subscribed to the mailing lists on Sourceforge are already subscribed to the new mailing lists. Unfortunately I can't move the messages.

See: MailingList, Tickets


EclipseTrader Listed on Ohloh

Since few months, EclipseTrader is listed on Ohloh, an open source directory that anyone can edit. It features comprehensive metrics and analysis on thousands of open source projects.


If you are using EclipseTrader, please take a minute and click on the I Use This icon and list yourself as a user of EclipseTrader.