Development Environment Setup

EclipseTrader is developed using Eclipse 3.8 (Juno).

  • Download and install Eclipse SDK from
  • The target platform is composed from the following packages:
    • eclipse-platform-SDK-3.8.1
    • Unpack all packages to a dedicated directory, for example eclipse-platform-3.8.
      For your convenience, we have built the complete target platform package and made it available from the Downloads page.
  • From Eclipse, open Window -> Preferences and go to Plug-in Development / Target Platform and add a new target platform definition pointing to the directory location above. Make sure to select the new definition as the default (active) target platform.
  • The project uses Subversion as the source code repository, so you need to install an svn Team Provider. We are using Subclipse.

Download and import the source code.

Check-out from command line

Check-out the complete source code tree from the subversion repository:

svn co eclipsetrader

This command checks-out all projects, including JUnit tests and the Nebula Widgets plugins to a directory named eclipsetrader.

Start Eclipse and point the workspace to the eclipsetrader directory (or wherever you have checked-out the source code). Import all projects using File -> Import -> General / Existing Projects into Workspace (leave the Copy projects into workspace option unchecked).

Check-out with Team Project Set

Download trunkProjectSet.psf and import it using File -> Import -> Team / Team Project Set. The import should create the subversion and cvs repositories and check-out the source code automatically.

Setup the Run Configuration

EclipseTrader is not meant to be run as a generic Eclipse plugin, it runs as a standalone RCP (Rich Client Platform) application. The source code includes a sample launch configuration:

  • From Eclipse open `Run -> Run Configurations'.
  • Expand Eclipse Application tree from the list at the left and select EclipseTrader.
  • If the Run button is disabled, switch to the other pages until it becomes active.
  • Click Run to run EclipseTrader.

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