The P8X180 Computer System

This is a Single Board Computer (SBC) based on the Zilog Z8S180 8-bit microprocessor.

The main board includes the device interfaces needed to run stand-alone such as VGA video, USB or PS/2 keyboard, mass storage, and others. Four slots allows to expand the system with additional peripherals such as modems, printers and hard drive controllers.

The project is completely open source. Design files, firmware and software sources are available from the the git repository.


  • Z8S180 (Z180) CPU @ 18.432 MHz
  • 512 KB flash ROM
  • 512 KB static RAM
  • VGA video
  • USB and PS/2 keyboard
  • Dual channel audio
  • SD Card Storage
  • 1 Full TTL serial port
  • 1 Simple TTL serial port
  • I2C and SPI interfaces
  • Battery-backed Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • 32-bit floating point math co-processor
  • 4 expansion slots