The P8X Game System is an open source project designed and developed by Marco Maccaferri with contributions from other open source projects and code libraries.

Unless otherwise indicated, the project components are licensed as follows:

Development environment, Java codeEclipse Public License v1.0
Propeller libraries, firmware and other embeddded codeMIT License
Schematics, printed circuit boards, images and other design filesCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0


The followings are the original source code from which this project is based.

AY3891X / YM2149F emulatorAYcog_V08.zipThread
SID/MOS8580 emulatorSIDcog_v13.zipThread
SN76489 emulatorSNEcog_V06.zipThread
VGA/SVGA/XVGA drivershttps://github.com/konimaru/waitvid.2048

Other sites where the project was presented:

For more informations feel free to write me at macca@….

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