On this page you can find the latest builds produced by the project.

See the ChangeLog page for a list of changes.


Includes everything needed to develop games, including the Java runtime environment and propeller-gcc compilers.

Linux x86/64game-tools-linux64-1.4.3-full.tar.gz
Windows x86/

Without JRE

Requires the Java runtime environment already installed, includes the propeller-gcc compilers.

Linux x86/64game-tools-linux64-1.4.3-nojre.tar.gz
Windows x86/

Propeller GCC

GCC toolchain for Parallax Propeller. Already included in the packages above.

Linux x86/64propellergcc-alpha_v1_9_0_20170402-gcc4-linux-x64.tar.gz
Windows x86/

Source Code

You can browse the source code from Trac or check it out with subversion:

mkdir propgame
cd propgame
svn co .

Reference Design

Eagle projects and Gerber files.