Tank Fu

Game ported from Uzebox

Tank Fu is a tank-on-tank multiplayer deathmatch game. Best played with two players but also supports a single player against CPU mode. Challenge your friends to own bragging rights as Tank Fu master!


  • Two player death match.
  • Single player against CPU death match.
  • 11 battle arenas with the first to 10 kills taking the arena honors.
  • A bonus boss fight.
  • The 'Tank Rank' scoring system. Scoring is based on your result vs your adversary, not just a high score.
  • Custom PCM sound effects.
  • A Demo mode.
  • Various in game power-up items.
  • A cool but ultimately pointless 'banter' button. Just to annoy your opponent ;)


  • D-pad: Controls your tank direction.
  • A: Shoot!
  • B: Direct annoying banter your opponents way. Best served when his/her tank explodes.
  • Start: Pause / Resume
  • B: Exit game from Pause dialog