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Welcome to the PropGE Project


PropGE is an open source collection of libraries and tools dedicated to the design and development of retro-style videogames with the Parallax Propeller microcontroller.

The engine provides video output at 256×192 (or 256×256) pixels resolution, 8×8 pixels tiles and 16×16 pixels sprites with 16 (out of 64) colors palettes. The Game Tools multiplatform application allows to draw graphics, write code and upload the program directly to a Propeller board.


  • 256x192 or 256x256 pixels screen resolution
  • 8x8 pixels tiles
  • 16x16 pixels sprites
  • 16 (out of 64) colors palettes
  • Up to 256 tiles, 64 sprites and 64 palettes
  • Background scroll
  • Sound chips emulators
  • Multi-platform tools for tiles, sprites and code editing

The library is available for Spin and C (using Propeller GCC) languages.

Engine Downloads

Library and Demo (C)
Library and Demo (Spin)

Tools Downloads

Linux (x86/GTK2)game-tools-linux-130520-0903.tar.gz
Linux (x86_64/GTK2)game-tools-linux64-130520-0903.tar.gz